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LAGONDA LG45 4.5 Litre Saloon - SOLD

  • 1936 Lagonda LG45 Saloon - 'Motor Show Car'
  • 'Razor Edge' Saloon by Coachbuilders Freestone & Webb.
  • Named 'Brougham'

On July 17th 1936 London agents Kevill Davies & March of Berkeley Square, London placed an order for chassis # 12146 which was delivered to Freestone & Webb on 2nd September 1936.

Freestone & Webb then fitted a Razor Edged Body # 1215 which then appeared on their stand #31 at The Olympia Motor Show in London in October 1936.

Freestone & Webb displayed 3 other cars with the Lagonda (Daimler, Alvis & Bentley)

Freestone & Webb exhibited regularly at The London Motor Show and for 9 consecutive years won gold medals in private Coachbuilder competition.

On 25th February 1937 Kevill-Davies & March shipped the Lagonda to New York to Dealer Fergus Motors. Their plaque is still on the glove box.

Fergus Motors supplied the Lagonda to its 1st Owner Mr. A Chandler of New York.

2nd Owner in July 1946 was Mr. Z. L. Sia of Shanghai (Imported to Shanghai)

On 28th December Mr. Sia sent the Lagonda engine & gearbox back to Staines for an overhaul. In December 1947 the Lagonda the engine & gearbox was returned to Shanghai. (Import documents on file)

In May 1949 Communism took over China and the owner was branded a Chinese Capitalist and class enemy. The Lagonda was laid up in Shanghai until Mr. Eric Barret heard o the car a brought it via Hafong Motor Company in March 1950 for 25.350.00 Yen.

In 1952 Barret transferred to Hong Kong with the Lagonda.

In 1960 Barret and the Lagonda arrived in Japan

1962 - Returned to Hong Kong and then in 1972 returned to the UK.

In 1975 they set sail for New Zealand and in 1979 Barrett and his beloved Lagonda made a trip to Perth Australia.

In 1985 they returned back to the UK.

1987 - to date this Lagonda has had 3 owners.

It has complete History File from new and is fully documents.

It has a full 2 page feature in Bernd Holthusen's 'Lagonda Book'

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