David’s interest in Vintage Cars started at a very early age, in fact whilst still in nappies!

The Ayre family car in the late 50’s was a 1927 2 Litre H/C Speed Model Lagonda and by the age of 9 David had taken the engine to pieces!!    

At the Bentley Drivers Meeting at Silverstone in August 1957, his father John won the “Lagonda Handicap Race” with their 2 Litre Lagonda.      David does not remember this!! But does remember attending many Lagonda Club Meetings and Race Events with his father and his family.

Whilst still at school David helped his Physics Master in the Re-Creation of a full sized flying replica of a Super Marine S5 Sea Plane. After leaving school, and following in his father’s footsteps David completed an Engineering Apprenticeship and Specialised in Tool Making. During this time he started Manufacturing Lagonda Spare Parts for Lagonda Club Members as well as the Lagonda Club. It was at this time David started to Modify Cars and started fitting much larger engines into smaller cars and participating in Local Races and Rallies! One of his earlier projects included - An International Class Win with a Classic Sports Car at a Major Concours Event. Numerous wins followed (see Past Projects)

Early 80’s David started work with Derek Green, originally helping him Restore his own Lagondas but very quickly progressed to starting the Vintage Restoration Business - “Cedar Classic Cars Ltd“. This Business primarily Specialised in “S” Type Invicta and Race/Rally Preparation.

By the mid 1990’s David had left "Cedar Classic Cars" and started his own Vintage Restoration Business, Trading as "David Ayre" and Specialised in W.O. Bentley, Lagonda and Invicta as well as continuing in Rally Preparation. (see Past Projects)

In his early 20’s David took over the family 2 Litre Lagonda which had been a “Gaffikin & Wilkinson” Demonstrators Car and used it extensively. In 1997 he Modified and Fully Restored it to compete in the “London to Cape Town” Rally and was “The Only Original Pre-War Car to Finish Without Major Difficulties” - John Brown (HERO)

In 1998 David took over the Pre-War Lagonda Stock from Aston Service Dorset and became the World's Largest Stockist of Pre-War Lagonda Parts. As well as selling “Old Stock“ David has continued to Manufacture Quality W.O. Vintage Bentley Spare Parts, Lagonda Spare Parts and S Type Invicta Spare Car Parts.

In 2005 David and Karen started to Restore their 1907 40 HP Itala to compete in the Centenary “Peking to Paris” as well as preparing 2 other 6½ Vintage Bentleys for the Rally. In 2007 the Itala DID Successfully Complete the Peking to Paris Rally without Major Problems!!