Vintage Car Restoration Projects

Our Past Projects Include:

  • Numerous 6½ Litre Vintage Bentley Full Restorations including a Class Win at Pebble Beach with a Speed Six Vintage Bentley
  • Many Lagonda 4½ Litre Full Restorations
  • Total Restoration of a Weymann Fabric Bodied 4 Door Sports Saloon Lagonda
  • Insurance Work undertaken due to Accident Damage
  • Lagondas, W. O. Vintage Bentleys and the 1st Bentley that Raced at Le Mans
  • Maintained and Raced The 1904 World Land Speed Record Napier (SAMSON)
  • XK Jaguars including The First privately Owned “C” Type Jaguar.
  • At the Starting Line of the 2007 Peking to Paris there were 6 Cars that David Ayre had Fully Restored - 3 Lagonda’s, 2 W.O. Bentleys and the 1907 Itala.
  • Winning Best "Owner/Restored" Trophy with his W. O. 6½ Litre Le Mans Vintage Bentley at the "Annual Bentley Drivers Summer Rally and Concours d'Elegance held at Wroxton in June 2010
  • Recently Winning 'Best in Class' Award at The 'Annual Bentley Concours' 2013 with their stunning 4 /8 Bentley Masterpiece.

Over 30 Years later David Ayre continues to provide a 1st Class Service