Vintage Car Services - Specialising in Vintage Bentley, Lagonda & Invicta

Services Include:

  • Maintenance / Servicing
  • Inspections and Valuations
  • Insurance Work
  • Engine, Gearbox and Axle Rebuilds
  • Engine Upgrades
  • Chassis Repairs, Straightening and Strengthening
  • Rally Preparation (Many Years Specialising in Rally Preparation, both Supporting and Competing)
  • Total Restorations
  • Storage Facilities
  • All types of Blasting eg - Sand, Soda, Calcium etc
  • CNC Milling
  • Covered Transport Available
  • Coach Trimming

We Manufacture and Supply a Large Range of Quality Spare Parts for the W.O. Bentley Marque Vintage Bentley, as well as for Lagonda and S Type Invicta Cars. So if you require any help and advice in purchasing Vintage Bentley Spare Parts, Lagonda Spare Parts or Invicta Spare Car Parts then please visit

As a Veteran and Vintage Car Owner / Restorer as well as Rally Support and Competitor, we pride ourselves in having the Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Expertise to be able to offer the Most Comprehensive and Detailed Service to our Worldwide Customer Base.